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apartamento con 2 Habitaciones 1 Baño, cosina comedor sala wifi y Directv a solo 3 cuadras del aeropuerto

  Sun 31-Lok-2021  -  Maa 01-Mar-2021 (1 yö-)

COP 30,000.00 henkilö per yö
Apartamento Caimán (kanssa 3 sängyt)
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10.5 km (6.5 mi) hakupaikasta
Via Tarapacá Km11


Omshanty is a Jungle-lodge, located at the outsides (11 km) of the noisy town of Leticia. In a 20. 000m2 farm you will found our cabins where we lodge the visitors who come looking for peace, wild nature and indigenous culture. We provide several types of

Omshanty Jungle Lodge 31 kuvat

  Sun 31-Lok-2021  -  Maa 01-Mar-2021 (1 yö-)

COP 27,500.00 henkilö per yö
Private Cabin (kanssa 3 sängyt)
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Our 'rooms' are not "real rooms". What we offer are private and independent cabins composed of bedroom with double bed, living room (2 single beds), bathroom, kitchen, porch with hammock, bbq & potable water. All this set on a 2ha farm of living nature.

12.6 km (7.8 mi) hakupaikasta
Com Multietnico De Tacana


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Authentic jungle experience at our guest house located in the Indigenous community of Tacana. Choose from 2 rooms with ensuite bathrooms, bunkhouse or hammock room.

Albergue Tacana 6 kuvat

  Sun 31-Lok-2021  -  Maa 01-Mar-2021 (1 yö-)

COP 22,000.00 sänky per yö
Loft Dormitory (kanssa 6 sängyt)
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Extra occupancy COP 20, 000

COP 55,000.00 huone per yö
Twin Room - Shared Bathroom (kanssa 2 sängyt)
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COP 66,000.00 huone per yö
Double (kanssa 1 sänky)
Oma kylpyhuone   
COP 66,000.00 huone per yö
Twin (kanssa 2 sängyt)
Oma kylpyhuone   

Extra occupant permitted in hammock COP10, 000

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